One-on-One Basketball sur Atari XE Jeu Video

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One-on-One Basketball

One-on-One Basketball
Classé 4928 sur 26290 jeux au général
Classé 28 sur 84 jeux sur Atari XE
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One-on-One Basketball - Description

Ce jeu Atari XE est sorti le 01/1988. Si vous êtes fan de jeux video de , faites vous plaisir et jouez y !

Play basketball with Larry Bird or Julius "Dr.J" Erving! You can play against the computer or challenge a friend. Your capabilities will be just like those of the All-Stars. The computer knows their shooting percentages (guarded and unguarded) and their pet shots. This amazing sports game features realistic offensive and defensive moves, fatigue factors, hot streaks, a shot clock, even instant replay and shattering backboard. Superb graphics and exciting sound put you right on the court. Like the game of basketball itself, One-on-One rewards you for playing with your head as well as your hands. Master the joystick moves, sharpen your timing, and hone your reflexes. Jump! Shoot! Score! This award-winning action game was developed with the assistance of Larry Bird and Julius Erving. More complex game patterns, varied strategies, and excitement than ever before!
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One-on-One Basketball - Images du Jeu Video

One-on-One Basketball - Atari XE
Recto de la pochette
One-on-One Basketball - Atari XE
Verso de la pochette
One-on-One Basketball - Atari XE
Media du jeu
One-on-One Basketball - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
One-on-One Basketball - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
One-on-One Basketball - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
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One-on-One Basketball

Support Atari XE
Editeur Atari
Développeur Sculptured Software
Sortie officielle Jan 1988
Joueurs max 2 en local
Import NON
Titre alternatif n/c
One-on-One Basketball : Espace membre
0 membre a ce jeu dans sa collection
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Atarimania 15/20
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