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Necromancer - Description

Ce jeu Atari XE est sorti le 01/1988. Si vous êtes fan de jeux video de , faites vous plaisir et jouez y !

You are Illuminar, the legendary Druid sorcerer rallying the forces of nature to combat evil. Defender of truth and freedom, only you have the power to challenge Tetragorn, the Necromancer, whose black magic darkens the forest and threatens doom to its helpless inhabitants. Tetragorn rules his troops of Ogres and dreaded Spiders with terror. His evil is poisoning the far reaches of Illuminar's forest. You must stop the Necromancer from dominating the entire kingdom! Your ancient spells bring life to the forest and the very Trees will come to your defense. Plant new Trees wherever you can and protect them with your magic Wisp. This miraculous beam leaps from your fingertips to stop the Ogres' clubs. Then gather your armies of oaks and descend into the Spiders' vaults to continue the battle against evil. Descend further to defeat the Necromancer himself in his own unreal domain. The Necromancer threatens you and saps your strength through three levels of game play. Hold true, and the forces of Light will bring you triumph in this dark encounter.
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Necromancer - Images du Jeu Video

Necromancer - Atari XE
Recto de la pochette
Necromancer - Atari XE
Verso de la pochette
Necromancer - Atari XE
Media du jeu
Necromancer - Atari XE
Necromancer - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
Necromancer - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
Necromancer - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
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Support Atari XE
Editeur Atari
Développeur Synapse Software Corporation
Sortie officielle Jan 1988
Joueurs max 1 en local
Import NON
Titre alternatif n/c
UPC/EAN 077000501578
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Atarimania 15/20
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