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Monster Maze

Monster Maze
Classé 10507 sur 26289 jeux au général
Classé 73 sur 84 jeux sur Atari XE
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55% D

Monster Maze - Description

Ce jeu Atari XE est sorti le 01/1982. Si vous êtes fan de jeux video de , faites vous plaisir et jouez y !

They're after you! Your only hope is to get them before they get you. Trapped in a 3-dimensional chamber of horrors, aver 40 mutant monstrosities are chasing you down corridor after corridor, through many unique mazes that are different every time you play. As you scurry down blind alleys and seemingly endless halls, you find gold bars just waiting to be grabbed up. Here and there you find a vitamin - but around the next corner a new terror awaits! If you can reach the vitamin before the monster reaches you... Only the vitamins can give you the strength you need to kill the critters and enable you to escape the labyrinth. Can you rid the maze of these rude rascals and collect all the gold? You only have nine lives! Your map is an overhead view of this chamber of horrors. But don't look at it too long, lest you find yourself in the midst of those menacing monsters. As you maneuver through the maze, you see it unveiled as though trough your own eyes - in colorful first-person graphics. You'll be startled to find that nine progressively more difficult levels of play increase the challenge as the game proceeds. And once you've cleared all the floors of the maze, you'll find an all new labyrinth to scare you to death!
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Monster Maze - Images du Jeu Video

Monster Maze - Atari XE
Recto de la pochette
Monster Maze - Atari XE
Verso de la pochette
Monster Maze - Atari XE
Media du jeu
Monster Maze - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
Monster Maze - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
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Monster Maze

Support Atari XE
Editeur Epyx
Développeur N/A
Sortie officielle Jan 1982
Joueurs max 1 en local
Import NON
Titre alternatif n/c
Monster Maze : Espace membre
1 membre a ce jeu dans sa collection
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Atarimania 11/20
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