Into the Eagle's Nest sur Atari XE Jeu Video

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Into the Eagle's Nest

Into the Eagle's Nest
Classé 4945 sur 24752 jeux au général
Classé 32 sur 84 jeux sur Atari XE
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Into the Eagle's Nest - Description

Ce jeu Atari XE est sorti le 01/1988. Si vous êtes fan de jeux video de , faites vous plaisir et jouez y !

EXPLOSIVE ESPIONAGE ACTION! There it stands before you, barely visible against the night sky: the secluded EAGLE'S NEST, a highly fortified garrison stronghold posing a major threat to your advancing armies. It MUST be destroyed before the enemy can launch its counter-offensive. A tree-man team was captured during an earlier failed sabotage attempt. Intelligence reports suggest that they managed to plant explosives throughout the fortress before they were overpowered. You must enter the fortress, rescue your three comrades, ensure the Eagle's Nest's destruction by locating and triggering the explosive devices on all four floors, and make your escape. Your main offensive will commence at "E" Hour plus Four, by which time Eagle's Nest MUST be destroyed! Good luck... We're depending on you!
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Into the Eagle's Nest - Images du Jeu Video

Into the Eagle's Nest - Atari XE
Recto de la pochette
Into the Eagle's Nest - Atari XE
Verso de la pochette
Into the Eagle's Nest - Atari XE
Media du jeu
Into the Eagle's Nest - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
Into the Eagle's Nest - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
Into the Eagle's Nest - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
Into the Eagle's Nest - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
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Into the Eagle's Nest

Support Atari XE
Editeur Atari
Développeur Pandora Software
Sortie officielle Jan 1988
Joueurs max 1 en local
Import NON
Titre alternatif n/c
Into the Eagle's Nest : Espace membre
0 membre a ce jeu dans sa collection
Revue de Presse des Jeux Video
Atarimania 15/20
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