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Gato sur Atari XE Jeu Video

Gato sur Atari XE Jeu Video

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Classé 4916 sur 26289 jeux au général
Classé 18 sur 84 jeux sur Atari XE
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75% B

Gato - Description

Ce jeu Atari XE est sorti le 01/1987. Si vous êtes fan de jeux video de , faites vous plaisir et jouez y !

MEMO: Comsubpac Orders TO: Submarine captain SUBJECT: Classified Search, Destroy, and Rescue Missions. You are assigned to a GATO-class submarine. These sturdy vessels were the backbone of the American submarine fleet during World War II. Realistic operations combined with colorful, high-resolution graphics and simulated stratégies put you in the control room in full command of your sub. Your patrol is the South Pacific theatre. Your mission begins with a coded message assigning your objective. Read the charts, determine your attack and torpedo strategies, assess damages, outmaneuver the enemy, and survive. Positions, courses, and maneuvers of your GATO and other ships are calculated and displayed in real-time simulation. Three-dimensional object perspective in the conning tower and on periscope screens adds even greater realism to every exciting adventure. Each mission is automatically entered in the Captain's Log - if you return. Good luck!
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Gato - Images du Jeu Video

Gato - Atari XE
Recto de la pochette
Gato - Atari XE
Verso de la pochette
Gato - Atari XE
Gato - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
Gato - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
Gato - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
Gato - Atari XE
Screen du jeu
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Support Atari XE
Editeur Spectrum Holobyte
Développeur Spectrum Holobyte
Sortie officielle Jan 1987
Joueurs max 1 en local
Import NON
Titre alternatif n/c
Gato : Espace membre
0 membre a ce jeu dans sa collection
Revue de Presse des Jeux Video
Atarimania.com 15/20
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